Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SOS Village - Jaipur (Donation of Blankets by Lodge Kohinoor #139)

Due to the extreme weather conditions Brethren of Lodge Kohinoor #139 decided donating blankets to the children of SOS Village in Jaipur to which all  the brethren of Lodge Kohinoor #139 donated with open hearts.

The blankets were procured and handed over to the management of the SOS Village for distribution amongst the children.

Visiting the village was an experience in itself which one cannot be compared to any other experience. It truly humbles you to see the way these children are being reared with whatever resources the management has to become responsible citizens of our country.

The Village is situated on a vast piece of prime property very generously donated by the Atal family of Jaipur.
The atmosphere is very homely and all the children are divided into families of 10 each and supervised by a mother who is literally more than that for the kids. 



The Residential quarters for the children are very spacious and clean. Each family has a separate housing quarter with their separate kitchen, dining room and bed rooms. All the families join to form a huge communal group which is full of love and compassion for all the members of the SOS Village.

The children assemble every evening for prayers and are joined by all the caretakers and visitors are introduced to the children during this assembly. 

After the prayers the children greet everyone courteously.
The visit was really an eye opener. The children are treated very very nicely and we really bow to the dedication and sincerity of the staff members who despite all odds bring up the kids with lots of love and care.

The Village provides educational, recreational and professional facilities for children of all age groups. They guide the elder children skillfully towards professional courses and higher education which can make them face the world with dignity and professional skills.

The Director Mr. Puri and his team deserve huge applause for their dedication towards proper upbringing of the kids.

Lodge Kohinoor Members
We from Lodge Kohinoor #139 would like to thank all of them very humbly and from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with an opportunity to help them in whatever small way that we could. 

Some parting shots that left us speechless.

See You soon Friends
Gods Wonderful creations
 Hermann Gmeiner (Founder SOS Village International)
With just 600 Austrian Schillings (approx. 40 US dollars) in his pocket Hermann Gmeiner established the SOS Children's 
Village Association in 1949, and in the same year the foundation stone was laid for the first SOS Children's Village in Imst, in the Austrian state of Tyrol. His work with the children and development of the SOS Children's Village organization kept Hermann Gmeiner so busy that he finally decided to discontinue his medical degree course.
In the following decades his life was inseparably linked with his commitment to a family-centred child-care concept based on the four pillars of a mother, a house, brothers and sisters, and a village. Given his exclusive focus on the need to help abandoned children, the rest of his biography reads like the history of SOS Children's Villages themselves. He served as Village Director in Imst, organized the construction of further SOS Children's Villages in Austria, and helped to set up SOS Children's Villages in many other countries of Europe.
By 1985 the result of Hermann Gmeiner's work was a total of 233 SOS Children's Villages in 85 countries. In recognition of his services to orphaned and abandoned children he received numerous awards and was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, he was always at pains to stress that it was only thanks to the support of millions of people that it had been possible to achieve the goal of providing abandoned children with a permanent home, and that still applies today.
Hermann Gmeiner died in Innsbruck in 1986. He is buried at SOS Children's Village Imst.
SOS Children's Villages is currently active in 132 countries and territories. 438 SOS Children's Villages and 346 SOS Youth Facilities provide more than 60,000 children and youths in need with a new home. More than 131,000 children/youths attend SOS Kindergartens, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools and SOS Vocational Training Centres. Around 397,000 people benefit from the services provided by SOS Medical Centres, 115,000 people from services provided by SOS Social Centres. SOS Children's Villages also helps in situations of crisis and disaster through emergency relief programmes. The emergency clinic in Mogadishu (provides app. 260,000 check-ups and treatments a year) is one example of a huge long-term relief project.